The Unique Demands & Challenges of Healthcare QA

Thursday May 30th | 1:00 PM Eastern




A failure in Healthcare tech has far wider reaching consequences than any other domain. What happens if your application malfunctions during a critical moment in a patient's time of need? Are you equipped to handle it quickly and efficiently like an ordinary bug, or do you buckle under the pressure and scrutiny of potentially catastrophic damages? Some would argue that fields such as Healthcare and FinTech place the highest emphasis on QA's role in defending brand reputation.


Healthcare applications are expected to work without fail every time. Whether that's fair to the QA department, or even possible, depends heavily on your approach to software testing infrastructure, human resources, and strategy.


With challenging requirements such as strict regulatory compliance, data privacy and security, usability, and interoperability with existing infrastructure, the cards are constantly stacked against the ill-prepared QA team.


And unfortunately, the struggle doesn't end once code is approved in the development environment. It must then be rigorously tested in real-life situations (with real people's data) to ensure seamless integration with other systems and also prevent unforeseen issues that could reduce speed or cause crashes.


You may be asking the question, "How does a single QA leader internalize all of these challenges to create a winning strategy?"


This webinar features a panel of three successful QA leaders from highly-visible Healthcare organization who understand what it takes to not only prevent critical meltdowns, but also delight end users with outstanding product experiences.


Join the webinar and learn:

  • Things QA leaders need to be aware of

  • How to overcome test automation hurdles

  • How to create organizational test policies

  • Data and security best practices

  • Best practices for Agile & DevOps in healthcare & other industries

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Adam Satterfield
Adam Satterfield: Director of Testing and Quality @ Anthem, Inc.
Freddy Vega
Freddy Vega: Manager of Quality & Test Practice @ Wolters Kluwer Health
Scott Aziz
Scott Aziz: Former Leader of Software Quality Center of Excellence @ Imprivata
Paul Grizzaffi
Paul Grizzaffi: Principal Automation Architect @ Magenic