State of Test Automation 2020-2021

Industry Survey Findings from Kobiton

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As we enter a new decade, having a semi-satisfactory mobile presence is no longer optional. Automation has become a necessity for mobile teams to achieve higher levels of quality for their mobile apps. 

Kobiton conducted a survey to better understand the state of testing today and how automation is leading companies through release timelines and budget, and how it affects various companies and QA teams of different sizes. 

In this 300+ page whitepaper, you’ll be able to compare how your company approaches automation to your peers through:

  • Company Size
  • Release Frequency
  • Company Revenue
  • QA Team Size
  • Budget

Download the white paper and discover :

  • If you're spending less than 10% of your budget on test automation, you’re significantly lagging behind your peers
  • More than 50% of your peers are looking to automate 50-75% of their test cases
  • More than 50% of your peers have QA teams with more than 10 testers (but does that mean they're more agile?)
  • Only 14% of your peers believe budget is a barrier to starting automation

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