A Rockstar's Approach To Unique QA Challenges in FinTech

Friday April 26th | 1:00 PM Eastern




Everyone knows, or should know, that software testing is crucial to success in every industry. However, did you know that it's more important in some verticals than others? When technology intersects with matters of livelihood the stakes become exponentially higher for all parties involved.


Take for instance anything related to healthcare or finance. Depending on the scenario, the smallest oversight can have catastrophic repercussions, often involving major damages in terms of money and reputation.


A common expectation among FinTech applications is the ability to flawlessly process thousands of small, medium and large transactions every second. To the pessimistic engineer, that represents an infinite number of opportunities for failure to occur.


So how do QA leaders at successful FinTech companies keep from buckling under that type of pressure?


They become Rockstars and find a way to win.


This webinar features two talented QA leaders from successful FinTech companies who understand what it takes to not only prevent critical meltdowns, but also delight end users with outstanding product experiences.


Join the webinar and learn:

  • What unique challenges FinTech applications face in QA

  • How to solve those challenges efficiently & reliably

  • What resources give you the best shot at winning

  • How to apply FinTech like meticulousness to QA in any industry

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Jan Acosta
Jan Acosta: Senior Manager, Quality Enablement @ Q2ebanking
Paul Grizzaffi
Paul Grizzaffi: Test Automation Architect @ Magenic