Future of AI & Testing: Will You Have a Job Tomorrow?

August 16, 2018 | 1:00 PM Eastern

Visit Kobiton today to learn more about Mobile Testing software and solutions. Kobiton builds mobile test automation solutions that empower developers to create awesome products without sacrificing what’s important – time, money, and resources. Website: https://kobiton.com/ The good news: DevOps will only get faster.


The bad news: DevOps​ will only get faster​. That said, do you want testers drained from trying to keep pace with a DevOps methodology that doesn’t provide them the tools to excel?


How an organization prepares for this transformation will define the future of quality to their brand and company. AI and ML is only as good as the real people behind it. Only the most prepared organizations can harness the unfair quality advantages provided by AI and ML.


Where does AI and ML go from here? Job displacement or job enablement? Human intuition or human interference? The answer lies in management’s philosophy on the value of human capital.


In this web seminar you’ll hear merits from both arguments but be forced to make the decision yourself.

Watch the webinar

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