Communicating Directives & Avoiding Failures in Enterprise Test Automation

Thursday May 23rd | 1:00 PM Eastern




A sudden (or even planned) shift to test automation from purely manual testing can feel like a hair on fire moment for many QA leaders and their teams.


Often times, the directive to "Automate everything," is delivered from the top down, sending ripples of anxiety and justified panic through the ranks of testing organizations staffed primarily with manual testers.


But before wide spread terror sets in and employees begin marching toward a direction with, at best, minimal clarity, take a moment to rise above the trees and see the entire forest.


The best test automation initiatives are built on a foundation of mutual understanding about the goal to be achieved, i.e. why you're looking to automate; as well as a clear understanding of the success factors and each person's role in bringing that vision to fruition. This cannot happen unless director and executer are 100% aligned and realistic about the current state of resources, bandwidth and what lies on the other side of implementation.


This webinar focuses on ways to avoid the most common pitfalls in enterprise test automation. Additionally, we will explore methods for increasing the likelihood of successful implementation and also how to accelerate the realization of ROI.


Join the webinar and learn:

  • The most common pitfalls in enterprise test automation

  • How the rapid global explosion of mobile users affects your business

  • How to create a successful approach to test automation

  • Strategies for effectively communicating test automation objectives

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Mush Honda
Mush Honda: VP of Testing @ KMS Technology