Challenges In Test Automation: Mobile Gaming vs Business Apps

Wednesday October 23rd | 1:00 PM Eastern




For software testers across every industry, effectively scaling test automation is the Holy Grail of operational efficiency. However certain verticals find it tougher than others to overcome common obstacles along the way.


By analyzing categories like mobile gaming, healthcare and fintech, it quickly becomes apparent that there are inherent challenges to automating software with extremely dynamic user experiences and/or heavy regulatory limitations.


It doesn’t stop there. The nuances of creating test automation scripts that function across both iOS and Android devices add yet another layer of complexity, preventing teams from ramping up quickly.


What happens once a team decides the best route for getting started? How do they scale? With more and more device configurations entering the market every week, how do you build an infrastructure to keep up with the growing number of use cases among your fragmented customer base?

What metrics will you use to inform critical business decisions, and more importantly, keep your team accountable and honest about performance and results?


Join two seasoned mobile gaming QA professionals and the CTO of Kobiton as we discuss:

  • Biggest differences in automating iOS v Android
  • How to scale test automation in difficult situations
  • Improving tests + test coverage + device coverage
  • Metrics you should be tracking
  • Overall strategies for successfully automating difficult apps

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Juan Pedro Sugg Gilbert
Juan Pedro Sugg Gilbert: QA & Automation Manager. Head of Customer Support at Wildlife Studios
Thiago Miotto
Thiago Miotto: Lead Software QA Engineer at Wildlife Studios
Frank Moyer: Chief Technical Officer @ Kobiton
Frank Moyer: Chief Technical Officer @ Kobiton