Apples to Oranges: Making the Switch from Perfecto Mobile

February 13, 2019 | 1:00 PM Eastern



Are all mobile testing platforms and device clouds created equal? For the most part, they all serve the same basic purpose: to connect QA teams to cloud devices they would otherwise not have in-house, helping to increase test coverage and improve end-user experience. Yet, some device clouds are better suited for streamlining the entire DevOps process than others.


Some platforms focus on robust and clunky enterprise features, while others specialize in flexible deployment options, lightning fast performance and advanced AI capabilities.


When thinking about elite mobile testing platforms, only a few come to mind, of which Kobiton and Perfecto are leaders.


How do you know which platform to select?


In this webinar, you’ll hear an objective opinion about the future of mobile testing from Kobiton CTO, Frank Moyer, and get his take on where technologies like Kobiton and Perfecto fit into the evolving landscape.


Additionally, you’ll get an opportunity to see some of Kobiton’s most impressive features in action as we diagnose ways to solve common mobile testing challenges.


Join the Webinar & Learn:

  • How the current landscape of mobile testing is evolving
  • What makes Kobiton and Perfecto different
  • Why choosing Kobiton will save you more than just money

Who Should Attend:

  • Quality Assurance/Testers
  • App Developers & Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • CTOs

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Frank Moyer
Frank Moyer: CTO of Kobiton
CMretouch copy
Clay Montgomery: Account Executive at Kobiton